How To Have A Long Distance Relationship Successfully?

How To Have A Long Distance Relationship Successfully?

How To Have A Long Distance Relationship Successfully

The world has changed. Now we can meet people from even the most distant countries while staying at home. Moreover, couples can start dating before they see each other in real life. Is it possible to be in love and make a relationship work while being many miles away? What are the long distance relationship tips? Keep reading to find out.

Do long distance relationships work?

Here are the most common reasons why long distance relationships happen.

  1. People meet partners online on dating sites and social networks.
  2. One of the partners has to move for studies, work, or military service.

Even though every couple can encounter certain challenges while being involved in a romantic relationship, studies demonstrate a particular set of potential difficulties caused by distance.

  • Miscommunication. This is probably the most common issue couples have to deal with. Being bound to messengers, it’s easier to misread or misunderstand innocent jokes, sarcasm, or just simple phrases. It may lead to an argument that is, technically, baseless.
  • Travel and finances. Many long distance relationships couples have to cope with financial stress because of the necessity to travel a lot to see each other. Sometimes it’s a big expense item not all can afford.
  • No time to talk. It can be really hard to combine your normal life (socializing, exercising, sleeping well, working) with meaningful and quality talk with your partner on the phone or online. It’s especially tough for those living in different time zones.
  • Jealousy. In fact, this is a natural feeling any couple (even being geographically close) can experience. But things get a bit more complicated when you think you can’t control the situation because you’re way too far away.
  • Life on hold. Quite commonly, partners that live away from each other tend to put everything in life on hold until they’re together. But life is still going on. It’s a bad idea to rely on each other so much and think nothing else can make your life meaningful.

Anyway, every challenge has its own solution. The key is not to focus on the things you don’t have but concentrate on important pieces you have in your relationship like true feelings, commitment, effort.

So, is there any advice on how to have a long distance relationship successfully and happily? Of course, there are many recommendations to follow. Keep reading.

Long distance relationship tips

Long distance relationship tips

To make it all work out and be sure you enjoy your LDR as much as possible, follow these tips.

  • Be sure you’re dating “the one”. Well, this might be the only and most significant reason to become involved in long distance relationships—you date someone because you believe this is serious, and your partner is the one you want to spend your life with. You know you’ll eventually be together (in every sense of the word). Otherwise, what’s the mess all about?
  • Use technologies to their full extent. Phone conversations are fine and important. But it’s small details that make our life brighter. And sharing them is what makes people closer. So it’s great to send photos instantaneously, use texts and FaceTime.
  • Do things together. Being far away doesn’t mean you can’t have fun and do stuff couples usually do. Skype and cook dinner or watch the same movie on Netflix. Play games or do quizzes. Modern technologies can make you closer!
  • Meet. As often as it’s possible. Yes, this is time-consuming and requires travel expenditures, but this is essential. By the way, one of the best long distance relationship tips—don’t expect a lot from your personal meetings. High expectations can ruin everything. Spend time together as a regular couple.
  • Remember that it doesn’t have to be perfect. There are no ideal people, partners, or relationships. Lots of couples break up because of unrealistic expectations. Be deeply aware of possible challenges you’re going to encounter and be ready to deal with them together.
  • Set an end date. Yes, circumstances might make partners live apart for a while. Sometimes for a few months, sometimes years. But if this is serious, you both should discuss and arrange, at least, the approximate date of your reunion and life together. Make sure you’re on the same page.

If you follow the tips for long distance relationships, the chances are your feelings survive no matter what. Be committed, open-hearted, and always remember why you’re doing it. There’s always a big reason.